The perfect frame to capture your travels

An environment to live your happy moments to the full (internal height of more than 2 meters). Large windows to see breathtaking views and radiate the dinette with

natural light.

LED lighting to always create the perfect atmosphere.

Large seats ready to welcome diners in maximum comfort or a moment of relaxation, for reading a book, even in the evening, thanks to LED spot lights that do not disturb

travel companions.

Tables that adapt to the spaces and needs of your everyday life.

Technology at your fingertips with USB sockets to charge smartphones, PCs and tablets where you need to use them.


Full flavour!

Give free rein to creativity in the kitchen with Kronos. You have all the space you need to cook what you prefer.

Two or three burner hob, large worktop that can be increased thanks to the sink covers and the glass cover of the hob.

Wide and deep steel sink like at home, with domestic type mixer.

All the space you need to store your tableware, even the bulkiest ones, and your food supplies.

Large drawers with “push-lock” handles and “soft-close” closure. Pull-out sliding baskets with chrome metal edges.


Have sweet dreams

The mattresses are highly breathable, in quilted technical fabric at the bottom and quilted polyester at the top and side.

The use of wooden slatted bases facilitates the ventilation of the bed.

Marvel at what you see from the large side windows and the portlights above the bed, which also provide plenty of ventilation to the room.

The night has never been so comfortable, thanks to the comfortable beds in the Kronos range

There is plenty of space to put everything you want, thanks to the wardrobes and wall cabinets placed above or to the side of the beds and the compartments underneath the

elevating bed bases.


Make room for well-being

You can always take care of yourself. The Kronos range offers well-organised bathrooms, whatever your needs.

Large spaces with separate rooms for the most demanding, compact and practical for the smartest.

Spacious compartments and wall units for all your beauty products.

Air exchange and plenty of light from the window.

Separate or integrated shower. Washbasins with lines that prefer practicality or style.

Discover the range Kronos

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