Camper mansardato Roller Team ideale per la vacanza in famiglia

A motorhome for everyone.

Roller Team offers a wide selection of models to meet the needs of any customer. The variety of the offer involves all types of motorhomes and their interior fittings. The offer of models, organised into ranges, is able to meet the different and growing needs of the customer with an increasingly rich product.


Roller Team camper sempre al passo con i tempi.

A motorhome that is always up to date.

The constant technological innovation of the production processes together with a continuous renewal of the product, with cutting-edge technical-intelligent and technical-constructive solutions, allow us to offer a very high quality product capable of lasting
over time at a competitive price. Roller Team, always in step with the times, anticipates and responds effectively to the needs of life in a motorhome with devices and technological solutions that make your stay on board pleasant and simple to manage the typical activities of motorhome travel.

Roller Team camper ideali per la coppia

An easy motorhome to live in.

The interiors are conceived and designed to be functional. Solutions that respond to everyday needs and allow you to experience every space with maximum comfort and simplicity. Environments that can be transformed by simple gestures to offer a different service, yet adapted to different needs. All the rooms offer everything - from small details to more sophisticated solutions - that simplify and improve life on board even for the most inexperienced motorhome owner.

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Technological innovation

Constant technological innovation in production processes, continuous product renewal, intelligent solutions and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques respond in an increasingly efficient and complete way to people’s needs, at an always competitive price. 



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Spaces to experience to the full.

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