On a carefree journey; you will always be protected and safe, in every season.

Roller Team vehicles are safe, well insulated and silent, thanks to the exclusive ExPS EVO technology that ensures insulation and internal protection from both external temperatures and noise.



ExPS EVO TECHNOLOGY: protection omniprésente dans le camping-car

Improved protection from the weather thanks to non-perishable and resistant materials, guaranteeing a long life.

Increased structural strength: the materials used are not affected by moisture, heat or impacts such as hail.

Total insulation in contact zones with the outside using materials with high insulating performance, such as extruded perimeter plastic or inner waterproof PS.

Total external protection of the floor against all weather conditions and wear on the road. aximum impact resistance, easily repairable and maintainable.

With Extreme Protection System EVO, 10 years’ guarantee against infiltrations!



Hail-resistant external fibreglass.

Internal fibreglass.

Extruded PVC to protect the most critical contact areas.

The use of this material prevents the formation of thermal bridges inside the compartment which can be the cause of condensation or heat loss.

Internal structure with waterproof PS inserts for higher insulation and protection.


Hail-resistant external fibreglass. Waterproof PS in all walls: it does not absorb water, thus limiting infiltration inside the vehicle. Absolutely no wood. High-density perimetral extruded plastic: prevents any contact between inside and outside avoiding the inlet of water inside the walls. Fibreglass internal walls, resistant to humidity and free of thermal bridges that can be the cause of condensation or heat loss.


Lower fibreglass cover for greater heat insulation and mechanical resistance.

The fibreglass underbody offers better protection from external erosion and wear, protection from impact of stones or asphalt gravel, protection from salt on the roads, protection from humidity.

Floor structure in waterproof PS with a high thickness of 54 mm: greater structural resistance and maximum impact resistance.

The extruded perimeter protection, resistant for greater load capacity, prevents thermal bridges and water absorption.

Internal PVC lining.