Roller team camper mansardato Kronos


For those who approach the world of plein air, complete in all equipment with an excellent quality/price ratio. A wide range of models; compact for the couple or with more generous volumes for the large family, in semi-motorhome, overcab and motorhome versions.

RT ambientate-81.jpg


For those who are already familiar with the travelling holiday but are looking for a more attractive design and more complete equipment, yet at an affordable price.
A wide range of models, small and handy, ideal for 2 people or larger to accommodate up to 8 people, in semi-motorhome, overcab and
motorhome versions.

Roller Team camper semintegrale Granduca


For the more experienced traveller, always looking for vehicles with plenty of stowage, that are elegant, technological and reliable with excellent and ultra comfortable equipment, at profitable prices. A range of semi-motorhomes selected in three layouts, depending on the type of bed, central, twin or transversal.